Beatnik Turtle's created over 500 songs (and counting), which can be overwhelming. So, they've created a few suggested playlists below. Click the play button next to any song below to hear it or click on the name of the song for more information.

New? Start Here First. 

Tell Me Ma
Star Wars (A Film Like No Other)
Mason Rocket (Spy Extraordinaire)
Pizza: The Rock Opera
Who's Been Looking At Porn On My New Computer?
Were All These Beer Cans Here Last Night?

Horn-Powered Rock

What We Need Is Some Interns In Here
The Bong Song
Courtin' In The Kitchen
Sick of Sandwiches
The Loofa Song (Heed The Loofa)

Geek Rock

How Did I Google This?
Bunsen Burner
teh lolcats
I'm Sorry The Warp Gate Sucked Away Our SonI.T. Department (Super Heroes of I.T.)
I Am My Mom & Dad's Tech Support

Power Pop Songs

Turning Caffeine Into Code
Kim Bailed
Helen Can You Hear Me?
Things That Keep Me Up At Night
Little Pieces

Irish Songs Cranked to "11"

Tell Me Ma
Beer Beer Beer
The Holy Ground
Johnny Jump Up
Finnegan's Wake
Big Strong Man

The 60s & 70s

The Love Notary
Dave, Where Are You Dave?
There's Only One More Day 'Til Tomorrow
It's Raining In December
Nobody Voted For This Guy

Acoustic Pop Songs

That's What She Said
Well F*ck
No, I'm Not Done Feeling Sorry For Myself
Don't You Give Up (You Can Do It)
But That's Another Thing I'll Never Do
Cube Farm


Santa Don't Speak No Spanish
Santa Doesn't Like You
Coed Naked Drunk Xmas Shopping
Goin' Through The Motions This Christmas
Christmas Is A Vulture
Smokin' The Mistletoe

Beatnik Turtle Live!

Amazing Arcola
Pop Tarts & A Pack of Smokes
I Think You Think I Think You Don't Like Me
Her Imaginary Closet
Hay Wrap

More Free Music
All Beatnik Turtle's music can be found at their site, where they share a new song each week as a podcast. Subscribe to the feed and enjoy tons of Beatnik Turtle music.
And, if you want to use any of Beatnik Turtle music in your podcast or movie learn more at TheSongOfTheDay.Com!