Beatnik Turtle Music Videos
All of Beatnik Turtle's music videos in one handy little playlist. Features Star Wars (A Film Like No Other) as aired on SpikeTV, Cube Farm, How Did I Google This? and many others from their project!

Beatnik Turtle Live
For years Beatnik Turtle played out in Chicago. Then thing happened and they spent nearly 2 and a half years in the studio only to reemerge with 2 of the guys sent over to Ireland. So, this playlist contains footage of Beatnik Turtle playing out live in Chicago from the "old days" as well as new stuff from playing in the pubs of Dublin!

Beatnik Turtle Unplugged
The guys in Beatnik Turtle are always working on songs. Here's a playlist of demos and acoustic versions of songs made by the various members of Beatnik Turtle.

Beatnik Turtle Behind-The-Scenes
What do the members of Beatnik Turtle do when they're not playing out? This playlist contains various interviews and behind-the-scenes footage that may answer this question.

Videos Using Beatnik Turtle Music
Here's a playlist of random videos from the web that use Beatnik Turtle's music. All Beatnik Turtle's music is licensed under a non-commercial Creative Commons license. And with housing over 400 songs, there's a lot of BT music anyone can mashup and use.